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Serbetli, the worldwide trademark and leader in the field, is looking for new partners!


Serbetli invites you to join the strong project and is looking for reliable companies working with tobacco distribution to supply your country with tobacco products. Serbetli has long-standing traditions and offers a wide range of high-quality tobacco products and plenty of non-traditional flavours.

The aim of Serbetli, the leader in the market for tobacco products, is to build long-term, honest, beneficial and profitable partnerships with clients.

Tobacco is well known since the early days due to its special qualities that promote the popularity of the plant. Therefore, today, there is a high demand for various types and forms of tobacco (cigars, cigarillos and cigarettes); shisha lounges can offer unique tobacco aromas, and whimsical gourmets want to feel the flavour of chewing tobacco. Thanks to its wide range of products, Serbetli can meet all of the expectations and add unique products to each distributor’s supply range.

Serbetli tobacco differs from other similar products in terms of quality due to the strong tobacco culture and respect to the old traditions ensuring that the products are grown and processed with the highest quality.

Serbetli blends consist of original flavours, and the old masters of tobacco carefully cherish these recipes. Only high-quality raw materials are used to prepare handmade tobacco mixtures. With a solid quality framework and high standards, Serbetli can become a reliable partner offering a productive partnership in the tobacco industry. Serbetli’s mission is new opportunities and systematic development that brings the best possible results for all the clients and partners.



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