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About Serbetli

Serbetli hookah tobacco

The culture of hookah smoking in Turkey is quite well developed, and yet – authentic. This is because of the Turkish’s reverent attitude to ancient traditions.

Without any doubt, Serbetli hookah tobacco is the product of this (not any other) traditional culture.

Despite it was made with a significant concern to the vast experience of the hookah tradition of this ancient country, it can still compete — in all respects — with any leading tobacco blends.

Serbetli hookah tobacco is produced at the plant of the same name in the city of Trabzon, Turkey.
To prepare a blend, nothing but high quality raw materials imported from the nearby countries are used. The blend contains original aromatics; their formulae are kept in strict confidence and cannot be disclosed, in view of the tobacco’s specific production process. We only can say that we use the same manual treatment techniques many Turkish craftsmen use to blend a homemade blend mʿasel or also known as tobamel. The evidence can be the early tobacco consignments from the
Turkey domestic market: the blend had a clear taste of honey, which indicated natural components.

Today, Serbetli tobacco is among the first in almost all hookah bars. The blend’s high smoke output, excellent heat resistance and rich flavors have made this tobacco a favorite blend of many hookah lovers.

Serbetli tobacco flavors variety

The popularity of Serbetli hookah tobacco is largely due to the richness of its flavors – and their variety. Besides, when making a blend, a tobacco leaf is boiled and rinsed to make the tobacco lose its strength and absorb flavors perfectly, so we could enjoy its excellent taste.

Serbetli flavors can satisfy any demand:

  • Fruits
  • Sweet flavors
  • Flavors of drinks and chewing gums
  • Berries
  • Unique flavors

No wonder we think everyone should try Serbetli’s original flavors – you just won’t get them from other manufacturers. For example, Bubble Gum tastes like a carrot and pine at the same time, and Istanbul Night Taste will plunge you into the aromas of Istanbul night full with magnolia and fruits fragrances.

Serbetli Tobacco: Performance

To begin with, it should be said that Serbetli tobacco can offer several types of package. It is very convenient, for you can choose the best package option according to your preferences.
They are:

- 50 g package
- 200 g package
- 1000 g package

At that, the packaging method is the same: a multilayer foil bag of tobacco is put into a cardboard box. Then, the box is wrapped with a thin plastic wrap. A leak is nearly impossible, because the bags are sealed safely.

Let us turn to the features of the blend itself. Serbetli hookah Tobacco is a blend of a rather fine cut.
Occasionally, it can contain larger branches, or, less often, larger leaves. Perhaps, Serbetli is one of the most finely cut tobacco blend. It is quite difficult to give an example of a similar blend. The soaking is just great: you can press the tobacco or just enjoy the impressive puffs of smoke from the evaporating syrup – the choice is yours.

Another Serbetli feature is the highest smoke output. At proper filling and heat control, you can easily get a lot of smoke from Serbetli. And when we talk about heat resistance, the Turkish blend is again at the top. It is not that easy to overheat this tobacco: overheating takes a long time and is easily recognizable by a slightly “chemical” hint. Recovering the overheated tobacco is, nevertheless, easy. Sometimes, reduced heat and ordinary blowing are enough.

When in mixes, Serbetli tobacco shows well. In general, Serbetli has very good matching properties. In fact, Serbetli is a very good and light universal tobacco. It provides many ways to try something new with its impressive range of tastes. Serbetli is a real must-have for those who like smoky hookahs.